A Light in the Dark

An Unsightly Feast
Smells like a fight

Part 1: Setting Out

Days passed as the group traveled southward to Darguun. The Lightning Rail was considered, however the rail would get them closer to the destination by taking them to the far side of a mountain pass.

Having no strong desire to shave off a negligible amount of time for the effort they chose the more direct route. The travelers made use of their still working magical food bag, while Leo made some effort to explain his philosophy and it’s purpose to the others, while Ella sought to ease the travels by the gift of song.

Part 2: Conflict

Later one evening, they came across the sight of a campfire. Carefully making their way closer, they could smell the aroma of sickly sweet meat being cooking. As they approached, the traveler’s spotted the intended dinner, a group of elven refugees.

They were quick to action, fighting the creatures that seemed to be shrouded in some dark shadowy substance. Ella’s tempestuous assault brought most of the ire. Having fallen unconscious, Hedderick did what he could to revive her.

Shadowy figures also nearly beat Leo into submission, Ella’s efforts saving him. Kuric and Hedderick faired much better, laying waste to the creatures to the last.

Part 3: Recovery

The surviving refugees were in no condition to travel on their own. The traveler’s brought them to a nearby clearing to give them a chance to rest. Hedderick and Ella carefully unbound a spell that had been placed on them to track there whereabouts and then took their moment of respite to rest through the night. Leo and Kuric remained on watch, also checking on the elves prepared to offer them sustenance were they to awaken.

Morning came and the elves started waking, their exhaustion relieved, at least somewhat. They explained they had been part of an expedition into the Northern parts of the Mournland, which after a confused Hedderick asked what a mournland was, explained it to be the name of the destroyed land once known as Syre.

Traveling in a giant group, over a thousand strong, they eventually reached their destination and found a powerful mage, who introduced himself then took them as his prisoners. Enslaved, escape attempts were thwarted, hunted down by these shadowy things no matter where they hid. Hedderick offered that he had removed an enchantment from them that seemed to be keeping note of their location for the caster of the spell.

The travelers offered the group a vague destination, but the refugees explained they would be leaving for a settlement of surviving Syrians in Breland. The group pulled as much food out of the magical pack as the elves could carry and bid them farewell.

Part 4: Entering Darguun

The travelers continued south, passing a once heavily used road that had fallen out of use since the Mourning. Soon, a trading outpost was spotted. The markings seemed to indicate the place was a member of the Word Bearers, a faction of the goblins who sought a diplomatic future for their kin and country. They stand in contrast to the Sword Bearers who seek to retake their once lost lands with brute force and have little care for the laws or regulations of others.

It had a warehouse that seemed to belong to the Word Bearers, a Carriage House and an Inn that boasted one of the strongest drinks in the area.

Ella spoke with one of the locals, gleaned some information and thanked him with a drink. The others acquired rooms for the night and prepared for the next day.

On the following morning, the group procured some provisions for travel and even a carriage to take them, letting some of the slower members of the group not have to worry about slowing down the faster ones. They registered, though Ella and Hedderick used different names from what they had used in the presence of Kuric and Leo to date.

Both of them explained that an incident in their home had forced them to flee to ensure their safety and kept them from using their real names for fear of being found out. A more detailed version of the story, which I’m sure you can get if you were to ask Ella or Hedderick, will not be given here.

In any case, the travelers boarded their transport and rode off into the the winding roads of Darguun. That is, until the group spotted what seemed like an ambush…

Not just for married couples!

Part 1: The Approach

The hamlet that rested next to the Order of the Path’s monastery was found roughly 8 hours of travel from the clearing seemed empty. In fact the only signs of life the group had come across had been twisted or dying. A once (presumably) proud bronze dragon had been grounded and mutated by the fog that engulfed the land. The group had found corpses at nearly every other settlement they had come across until that point but that hamlet was empty.

There were no signs of struggle, only of abandonment. Before moving onward to the monastery itself, they quickly checked the building of the town head. Safely hidden in one of the rooms, a warning of imminent danger was found. It seemed more than one town had been warned of the oncoming disaster.

Bolstered by a sense of hope, a sense of curiosity or just a sense of necessity, the travelers continued to the grounds of the monastery. Here, many corpses of looters and “adventurers” were found. Ella indicated to the party that these were “Bad men”. In a moment of confusion Hedderick seemed to be taken by some strange force. His eyes glowed red and the childish cries of the being lasted for only a breath before it struck.

Part 2: The Surprise

It lashed out at what it’s host had called it’s wife. Ella was struck but managed to compose herself. Leoven and Kuric opened up into it with pulled blows to keep Hedderick’s body intact after the fight. Leo quickly realized and told the others that the attacks seemed to be striking the force that possessed him, rather than his body.
Ella emboldened by this knowledge released one of her most powerful spells.

At the same time, Hedderick’s spirit had been pushed from it’s physical form and observed several ghosts with exaggerated features approaching the group with whispers of anguish and anger. He did his best to keep them at bay or dispose of them, but one of them managed to reach Ella and seemed it to weaken her before it disappeared. As the others finally managed to force the foul spirit from his body, Hedderick observed the remaining ghosts charging at it as he was pulled back into himself.

There was a pause as Hedderick seemingly came out of his possession and tried to explain what he had just seen. Ella continued to ask him the secret phrase she had been calling to him since the fight had begun and he finally responded. As she jumped forward to hug him, the same red glow overtook her eyes and the strange voice flowed out of her lips as it attacked her.

Ella was now in the world of the spirits. She could see the same four that her husband had been interacting with only a short time earlier. They again approached the travelers with the same whispers. She used her prowess with storm magic to keep the spirits away from the group.

Ella possessed summoned the force of the storm, managing to knock out Hedderick who had barely recovered from the fatigue he had experienced being thrown and pulled back into his own body.

Ella watched helplessly as a spirit rushed forward and reached Heddericks unconscious form. This spirit rather than attack seemed to join with him, waking him and pouring it’s anger toward the foul spirit into him.

Shortly after her husband’s enraged attacks forced the creature from his wife, Ella observed the same enraged assault against the foul thing as it was expelled and she was returned. Leoven tried to concentrate hard enough to keep the thing from taking his form from him, but was forced out none the less. Leo quickly rushed to one of the spirits and attacked it to keep it from reaching his allies but was dismayed to find that one of the spirits spoke to him and explained it needed to destroy the foul spirit.

The group managed to handle Leo’s possession with greater ease than the others and steadily beat it out of him. At the same time Leoven’s spirit had rushed to the other 2 and tried to reason with them before they wasted their attacks on his friends. It proved to be partially effective and as they forced the spirit out of his body he saw what the others had seen. The spirits rushing towards the evil thing.

Finally the group watched Kuric and prepared. For a moment the warforged seized up but then a fire started to blaze over him. It burned white and the spirit made a final cry as it disintegrated and a small stone fell where it had died. The spirits became visible. They seemed relieved and all but one faded away. The last one explained that it needed to stay with him. No one objected.

Part 3: The Results

Moving on towards the main structure of the monastery, the group followed a trail of dead to what seemed to be the rift that Tharlissa has spoken of. Some of Leo’s training, it turned out, had more purpose than he had thought and he realized the runes surrounding the room were actually the forms he had been taught. Using them in what he thought would be a more efficient way the rift was closed. The monastery was briefly searched, finding a note from Master Olohand that said only Darguun. Oh and some magic armor.

Suddenly, they were all standing next to the train that lay dormant at the edge of Syre, which by their personal time they had only left less than a day ago. Tharlissa formed from a mass of vegetation and began speaking with the group. There was some amount of distress at the fact that Ella could not seem to remove the Storm Crown from her head. The deal that had unwittingly been struck between the group and Tharlissa was discussed. The nature of elementals and more specifically the source of Kuric’s fire was somewhat revealed. The stone was told to be a piece of the keystone for the very world. The two remaining crew of the lightning rail, who’s bodies had become skeletons, were buried. A note of the generals was found, as were several names.

When asked what they should do next, Tharlissa indicated that they should follow their own volition. They would come across those who sought to spread chaos in time. Lastly they were brought to a place of rest and allowed a night’s sleep.

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